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The First Class Breakfast Program is being implemented in schools all over Houston. I am a very involved parent, but I have only one experience to share and one point of view. In an effort to share information and inform parents, I welcome comments and guest posts!

Forward this to all who might be interested. You need to be informed and aware of what is happening in your schools.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A mom in favor of the breakfast program

I have (1) child in Rucker Elementary age 4, (1) child in Stevenson Middle School age 12 and (1) child in Milby High School age 17. I'm very glad that the schools are implementing this program for our children. As you can see I am a busy mother and I am having to drop them off in the morning at 3 different grade schools plus try to make it on time every morning to work myself. So some of us parents don't have the time to make breakfast for our children every morning. My biggest concern is the waste of food that is having to be thrown away because the children either are not hungry or are very picky eaters and that besides the food that the school provides, is not good. I say this, because this is an issue that I hear from my kids way too often. I don't like to discourage my kids and I tell them that they don't appreciate what is given to them for free. Growing up with 7 in the family, you bet we were hungry when we got to school and we took what ever was given to us, including and especially the milk. If the parents are picky and complain, then the kids will too. I take blame for that in a sense that I have only exposed the foods I liked and therefore cook for them. I've opened my taste buds to more out there now that I'm older and well now I'm suffering the consequences of my kids not wanting to eat the school provides. The only difference with the food then and the food now, is that we use to actually have real people in the kitchen cooking meals especially for lunch. So from what the kids tell me, much of the food that is given to them is frozen food. A thought of mine would be for the board to take into consideration what the kids like to eat so that they're won't be too much wasted.

Maria Luna

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